Managing Your Portfolio

Once your accounts are set up, Ledger® Live provides a comprehensive overview of your entire crypto portfolio. You can view your balances, track transactions, and monitor the performance of your assets – all from one convenient dashboard. With real-time updates and customizable settings, staying on top of your investments has never been easier.

Transacting Safely

Ledger® Live ensures the highest level of security when it comes to managing your crypto transactions. Whether you're sending or receiving funds, Ledger's hardware wallets utilize cutting-edge technology to protect your assets from unauthorized access. Simply confirm transactions on your Ledger device, and rest assured knowing your crypto is safe and secure.

Exploring Additional Features

Beyond basic account management, Ledger® Live offers a range of advanced features to enhance your crypto experience. From staking and earning rewards to managing multiple accounts and accessing third-party apps, there's no shortage of ways to customize Ledger® Live to suit your needs.


With Ledger® Live on your desktop, taking control of your crypto has never been easier or more secure. Whether you're a newcomer to the world of digital assets or a seasoned investor, Ledger® Live provides the tools you need to manage your portfolio with confidence. So why wait? Download Ledger® Live desktop today and start exploring the future of finance, one block at a time.